When Did Our Children Lose Their Dreams To Our Own?

Kids Christmas 2015 2

How often do we, as parents, sit down with our kiddos and REALLY listen to them?  Do we know what they love doing?  How they think they’re talented?  Or even, the things they dislike?  We tend to push our personal agendas on our children for our own self-fulfillment, but what about theirs?  Do their wants, dreams, and desires not stand a chance?  And, if their passion is to become a doctor, a mechanic, or a business owner, will we foster that dream or try to deter them from it due to our own ego and insecurities?  Little do we realize, but when we dictate their lives, we are insinuating we don’t trust their judgement.  But don’t they know themselves better than we do?  And if our kids comply with what we want because they think it’s the only way to make us proud, will they resent us later for forcing our own ideas down their throats?

Why in the hell do we think all kids should be in a competitive sport, playing an instrument, learning another language, or going to an Ivy League school?  Everyone is different.  We don’t all need the same things to help us thrive.  We listen to each other, and it’s like a rat race of who can push their children the furthest.  Are we afraid to step away from the crowd, and let our little ones take their own journeys?  To me, we’ve become so focused on how everyone else perceives our kids, that we’re forgetting to instill some very important life lessons.  Let’s start by teaching them how to make wise choices, encouraging them to discover their OWN purpose in life, and be a living example of how to treat others with kindness, love and respect.  Fostering a safe environment of unconditional love is how I want to be remembered.  Letting them flourish and discover their own beliefs, convictions, and passions is our most important job.  In giving them our trust, we receive them, just how God intended them to be.

How will you be remembered?

11 thoughts on “When Did Our Children Lose Their Dreams To Our Own?

      1. Thank you! I appreciate it! I’m having fun and it’s a creative outlet for me. I’m attending the OK Women’s Blogger conference next month which should be fun. If you’re interested, you should check out the AR Women Bloggers group. The lady who started them is actually in Arkansas and I think they are pretty active with conferences and workshops.


  1. Well said erica! Your blog really made me think of how I am raising my kids. I have always been competitive and tend to steer Caroline to what ‘I want’ her to want in life…man, not another NY resolution!


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