More than Mom



I used to be fun.  No, seriously, I really was.  I was completely care-free of responsibilities, judgement, and time…none of it mattered. I moved at my own pace, did what made me happy, and the biggest decision I had to make was whether to go out that night, and you can probably guess the answer to that dilemma. I wish someone had told me to savor those days, because boy has it changed.  I’m incredibly grateful for the way my life has unfolded.  I’m simply stating, “pulling an all-nighter” has a whole new meaning.  These days, going to the grocery store, doing laundry, and getting 2 hours of sleep are decisions made for me. Three small people rely on me for essentially everything, and now, it seems like life is just a series of “have to’s,” with a side of exhaustion.  I understand this is what I signed up for, but I guess I didn’t realize I’d feel as if I’ve lost a piece of me in the process.  I get it, life changes as we grow, but this adult shit is for the birds.  Thank God, I have true friends I can bitch to about the gazillion meals I’ve cooked that no one ate, the shower I haven’t taken in days, and the fact that I will unleash if I hear “mom” once more.

Man oh man, I’m lucky to be doing life with these strong women, and several that aren’t pictured.  They are the ones that convince me my abnormal life IS normal.  We have shared laughs that left sore muscles for days, and cries that left empty hearts for weeks. But, most importantly, we have shared each other’s love, exposed our most vulnerable selves, and accepted each other “as is.”  I have several groups of friends, but one common bond is recurrent among all of them…acceptance.  Having a shitty day and taking it out on  them?  They’ll listen to your rant.  Had too many cocktails and decided to karaoke?  They’ll be your backup dancers. Enduring the excruciating pain of a broken heart?  They’ll cry with you, and patiently wait until you’re ready to move forward.

So, no matter what role you’ve taken on or struggles that are wearing you down, making you feel as if you are a shell of the human you used to be, hold tight to those spectacular ladies who can always unveil the true you.  The YOU that existed before kids, that stressful job, or the other stains of life.  The laughs with them will fuel you forward, and their love will help you live life with a bit more ease until your next shenanigan. Spending time with them is absolutely non-negotiable.  Even if I have to show up looking as if I just got discharged from the insane asylum, it’s happening.  My soul needs them.

You see, you need friends because, we humans desire to belong.  We want to be surrounded by people who think like us, feel like us, and tell their versions of our stories.  That is what true friends do.  When you feel that way around those you love, consider yourself among the chosen.  And, if you have more than one group of friends like this, you are as fortunate as they come.  Being a REAL friend will be one of the most important purposes of your being. Hold them close, revel in the memories, and just be you, because they know when you aren’t.  

Much Love,



6 thoughts on “More than Mom

  1. Well said, sister! And even Hub knows that when its time for the ladies to reunite, it’s BIG! Big hugs and kisses for all these beauties!


  2. I agree to it all! Hoping our wee ones make lifelong friends like we have found. Looking forward to the next reunion. We need to get planning!


  3. Very well written, Erica!! Thank the Lord we have each other who can relate to the daily battles of being Super Woman aka Bad Ass Momma’s! Love our kiddos with all our hearts but sometimes we just need a little break here and there…..or a full 8 hours of uniterrupted sleep!!! Lol XO


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