8 Lessons Learned from Spring Break

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8 Lessons Learned from Spring Break

Spring break is like a little test to see if you’re prepared for the upcoming summer.  I can tell you, I’ve got a lot of meditating to do. I want to be the fun and fearless mom that my kids want me to be, but I’m not sure my anxiety can take it.  I’m proud to report that I did “let go” this spring break, and I learned several life lessons along the way:

  1. Indoor water parks are NOT for germaphobes. Trust me on this one:  wear flip flops.

  2. Change your ITunes password before a long trip.  Your kids will absolutely dip you in the grease, and you’ll be begging Apple to forgive them before you know it.

  3. My middle loves to lure the characters in for a hug and then punch them in the face.
  4. $75 in an arcade gets you a bouncy ball.
  5. My kids can survive off of chicken tenders alone for 3 days straight.
  6. Plunging down a water slide with a tube of plastic to protect me is just not okay.
  7. Sleep is non-existent when you’re 4 deep in a room.
  8. I’d do every second of it again to see those grins and beautiful memories being made right before my eyes.

So, cheers to another happy Spring Break my friends!  No matter what adventures you embraced, you survived.

Much Love,


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