Walk the Talk


Last night, I tucked my littles in bed, kissed their round cheeks, and uttered to them our nightly mantra:  “Remember, you can be anything you want to be, as long as you are kind and try your best.”  I slowly crept down the stairs, fell to the couch and turned on the TV, only to find people yelling, shouting, and pointing fingers.  My first thought – We are FAR from our best…ALL of us.

I wholeheartedly believe we live among good people, where a few disturbed individuals can forever stain the rest of us.  But, why are we turning on one another when we should be holding hands?  When did we lose compassion for each other’s stories?  We have to co-exist in this craziness…remembering that all of us struggle.  Sure, there will be some who have been dealt an easier and some a shittier hand than us, but unfortunately, we don’t get to choose our hardships, but we do our actions.

I’m not claiming to know the answers, God, I wish I did, but I do know the promises I have made to myself and my family.  We won’t be bystanders of hate, but activators of love.  We will treat EVERYONE the way we want to be treated.  Call me crazy, naive, or a doormat, but my biggest hope for my children is they learn to walk the talk, to take the action and do something to lighten another’s load.  To know, that someone else has breathed easier because they have lived.  We won’t just talk about kindness, we will be it by holding doors open, smiling, giving genuine compliments and putting others before ourselves.

We’ve over-complicated humanity. We’re quick to judge, assume, and voice the way the world should be, but we have failed to be it.  Back to basics- that simple Golden Rule:  treat others the way you would want to be treated, understanding that we’re in this together.  And, no matter if we have different views, lifestyles, opinions or worries, we all have messy feelings, broken hearts, angry egos and wonder our true purpose for existence.  Hate is contagious, but so is love.  It’s completely our choice.


Much Love,



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